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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Print Frog session.

Here are some pictures from first time testing the PRINT FROG - the new indie tool from Iron Frog Press. It's a nice glass hand press/burnisher designed to print woodblocks. I'm a huge fan of wooden/bamboo spoon when printing oil based woodblock. The iron frog print effect is faster, smooth and can give you a more press like effect. It's a really pleasant and well made printmaking tool.

This time I'm printing some bigger block, in smaller size blocks it works in a snap.

Click this link for the Iron Frog Press website where You can buy it.

Thanks for adding a shipping cost to Poland :)
All the best!


  1. Hi Olek, Beautiful pressing tool. I would like to get one.
    Have you tried this with water based inks ..a la mokuhanga? I must send you some pictures of Walter J Phillips hand made barens.

    1. Liz. I've never tried this with water based woodcut. I just can't imagine anything better than baren. I think it should work with something slippery between paper and the frog tool.