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Friday, September 9, 2011

La noche oscura

Some shots of my woodblock book based on a famous poem La noche oscura by San Juan de la Cruz. My experience in bokashi and preparation for the bigger stuff. I binded 4 books, but its not formally editioned. 8 pages, Alder blocks, Hand printed on Senkwa paper + Fabriano Rosaspina on covers. Hand sewn/binded. Dry pigments, soot, ash + rice paste.

I can't wait to make full edition later /maybe in winter/.


  1. Great colors and textures. It looks thick and heavy, like the pages are leather, which I like. I thought it would be all images,which I am used to in woodcut books, so I was surprised to see any text, especially all text. Very interesting idea.

  2. thanx guys, @BM - in real the paper is very thin 40gsm, and semi transparent. Making an edition really deepens the pritmaking experience, that's why I HAVE to make it. but unfortunately - later. I have no time for this now :,(

  3. Is the senkwa paper unsized or did you size it? Very nice rich colors, I'd like more info on the blocks and printing sequence.
    But I really like the overall result and look.

    1. I didn't size it, but it's ok with senkwa.
      I do sizing only when I must ;}

      Pictures of the blocks are going to be soon. I still have best of them exhibited.