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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Detail of Gielniak works.

Józef Gielniak. 1932 - 1972)
I want to post some high quality photos of Gielniak's printworks. I made those pictures last year at the Big Print Exhibition in the Reszel Castle. Its for you to see it closer.

its dramatic, personal, apocalyptic and classic.
You can read Gielniak's story here:

some referential artists imo are: Bruno Shultz, Jerzy Tchorzewski, Jerzy Panek.

I wish you happy Easter dear friends.


  1. Hi Olek
    Thanks for posting these I checked out their website yesterday.
    Trouble with me is I do lino "intaglio" so it seems to mean I could not submit my prints.
    best wishes

  2. Try to ask them directly, I'm not sure.