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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Cracow trip.

There are shots from my recent visit in Cracow.

First I visited Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Kraków.
I was able to watch unique folk prints and blocks. I met fantstic crew of Museum: Mrs.Beata Skoczeń-Marchewka, Mrs. Grażyna Mosio and Mr. Grzegorz Graff. We had a very interesting discussion about folk woodblocks history and techniques. I could verify my opinions and ask questions regarding this extremely interesting phenomenon. I'm so glad I was there. The Museum is running an internet database of Polish folk woodblock - you can check it at It's also available in English. You can find photos and detailed descriptions of each object.


primitive brushes and blocks:

Mr. Grzegorz Graff introduced me to the Passages and Repassages exhibition with plenty of common and ethnographic objects combined and rearranged in new suprising ways. In example paintings of Nikifor. I was suprised, delighted, and it really moved me, because of the unusual introspective context and great images of the painter. From the catalogue:" The pictures of Nikifor are joined together by subtlety and simplicity. His paintings comprises delicate colours, aggresive geometry and a detailed view on everyday life. We were struck how he viewed the world." If you don't know this painter you should check him out.

Then I went to Katowice to the opening of Japan and Poland international print exhibition. You can see some photos from this event here  at the facebook website of Cracow Trienale.

I went back to Cracow, met with my friend Robert and his noble family.

We spent the night talking (there are not many opportunities to meet since he moved) You can see Robert's paintings on the wall, the left one is collaborative piece with his older daughter Zofia.

Next day I went to the Manggha Center. And visited BIG exhibition of japanese prints.No!

Yess! Hundreds of woodcuts by Hokusai and Hiroshige.

Wow. that was too much - I could go back home. And I did it.

but I will be back ;}

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