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Monday, July 4, 2016

Anatomy of the water based woodcut.

There's some footage from the studio demonstrating making a woodblock print using the water based method (mokuhanga). It's the final - black colour of four or five runs. I'm using my own made kozo paper, shoe brush and a dry pigments like soot and deep blue.
The movie was made to catch some pleasant moments while making edition, and also to clearly demonstrate  the idea of printing using the water colour and a wooden block.

*Don't worry. This time I'm not using any music;)

1. falling the dry pigment (first blue then black soot) on the moistened, carved  block.

2. applying pigment to the block using the shoe brush (horshair). I'm also using some rice paste to have some binder for the pigment.

3. Here You can see the positioning and treatment of the moistened paper. In this case I'm using thin and very fragile kozo paper. The block is being printed using baren.

4. And we have the final impression.

Following documentation was recorded in 2014 in Olsztyn.

Best regards.

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