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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Japan IMC 2014.

I was present there so I'm sharing few of my quick thoughts:

1. I'm so happy I saw original Onchi Koshiro prints! - that was absolutely wonderful experience among many other great artworks shown on the main and satellite exhibitions.

2. All lectures I could attend was very good. I was especially touched by prof. Akira Kurosaki talk on baren evolution, Liz Forrest's talk about Walter J. Phillips art path, and of course Michael Reed's mindblowing lecture about kozo barkcloth. All the lectures gave me something new, filled missing puzzles in my mind. Thank You for the presentations. BTW I was really hypnotized by the beautifully hesitant Japanese translator, she was so cute!

3. I'm so satisfied with the demos and workshops. I'm happy I could make the kozo paper using the original equipment. Awagami staff was so helpful! We had a nice talk about the papermaking issues and my paper. I was also moved observing all of the traditional printing demonstrations, especially from the point of my own practice. So many clues and scents to explore. I laughed at myself watching how Hidehiko Goto covered the baren with the leaf! I felt like a child comparing my own trials to the mastery of this truly great print and baren - maker.

4. Of course it was impossible to be on every single lecture, so I missed some great ones I definitely missed Crazy Baren demo by prof. Miida and Schoichi Kitamura's workshops :( Couldn't attend the Fish Festival too D;

5. I saw so many things, drinked some of the greatest tea, was lost in the Metro, eat some ridiculous hot chilli with Mike! Best regards to all friends and great people I've met, had opportunity to party and talk. It was definitely a good time!



  1. Sounds wonderful. I'm a little jealous, as I couldn't make it this time. I hope someday we'll meet in person. Enjoy adding these new skills and ideas to your work!