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Monday, November 17, 2014

pine is wild _ alder is mild

I am having a lecture about water based woodblock + presentation of my woodcuts at Ethno Museum in Cracow.

29 November 2014 (Saturday)
11.00 AM

Seweryn Udziela Etnographic Museum in Krakow
Auditorial room
at the Town Hall building
Plac Wolnica 1 street
31-060 Krakow


You're fairly invited.


And now the more important part of this post:

Don't forget to visit the big exhibition of extremely rare Polish traditional folk woodcuts from Lwów, that is on the display for the public for the first time at Ethnographic Museum there in Cracow. Definitely a milestone event. I can't wait to see this.


LINK to exhibition shots and Polish text.


Link to the English text by Mrs Grażyna Mosio form Ethno Museum in Cracow.


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