Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Fascicles - Exibition

Pictures from the "Fascicles" exhibition in my hometown.

On display there is a collection of my drawings and paintings close to my personal spaces like home, family etc. + three litographic prints performed in Tokyo that are a mash of perspective lines and selfportraits. Two bigger books was also presented - Winter and Autumn Sketches and Spring and Summer Drawings. You can find the documentation of the books at my drawing diary blog.

My artistic idee fixes are, among many others: floating pictures, fascicles, notes, garden, travelling drawings, drawing things as they are, spring, micronarratives, episodes, everyday life, chain reaction drawings, sudden drawing, and other forms of expressions at the border of existing life, poetry and visual stories. Exibition overall comprises a story about my place on the earth during last two years.

Aleksander Wo┼║niak

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